To meet today's challenges, we've created a unique, more personal approach.

Marlabs ‘Divergence’ helps you unfold your digital transformational abilities to achieve more consistently and grow at an exceptional pace which otherwise is tiresome. With the right mix of expertise, best industry standards and internal organisational capabilities, we transform your digital journey.

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we collaborate with you to solve
your no idea problems

generate great ideas

Combine your business knowledge with our expertise to generate ideas for digital disruption – and rapidly assess them for viability, desirability, and feasibility

design & test in fast sprints

Rapidly move from concepts to prototypes. Scale proven ideas to the market via MVPs, at speed

thought-partner with you

Benefit from ongoing counsel that helps you de-risk digital disruption and stay ahead of the market

enable you for the long run

Draw on our expertise to help you design and embed a digital innovation culture within your organization

from no idea to yes! idea! in 20 weeks with our
IdeaRocket™  approach.


6   Pilot & Trials      —————————►Deployments for end-user pilots, data-driven performance reports and metrics

5   Prototyping        —————————►

Technology reference architecture, functional & technical prototypes
4   Experience Design     ————-►User behavior models & journey maps; interactive wireframes, mockups and concept designs

3   Evaluation       ——————————-►

Idea validation – viability, desirability and feasibility
2   Idea Generation     ——————-►Co-ideation workshops; Idea clouds
1   Applied Research      —————►Outside-in view analysis; digital disruption watchdogs & opportunity maps

Emerging Trends and

Generate Great Ideas Design and Test in Fast Sprints

20 weeks

we offer a unique services model digital innovation-as-a-subscription

Creative ideation, conceptualization, design, experience, prototypes and MVP.

Hyper-skilled global teams with hearts and minds dedicated to your opportunities

Digital innovation ecosystem: a network of start-ups, partners and innovators

Collaborative workspaces, labs, experience centers and secure cloud-based sandboxes

all for one pre-set and affordable monthly fee.

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